A beautiful, elegant and classy outfit can honor the value and bring confidence to guide the success of the business. At Thanh Tung Fabric & Uniforms we are constantly pursuing a better uniform experience for our customers

Over 30 years of experience in the field of yarn business in the center of District 5, Thanh Tung Fabric & Uniforms is motivated by the passion to produce elegant and genuine fashion clothes for workers. Dynamic modern, dynamic today.


WHy Choose US

We follow a high quality completion policy because every employee is a quality award hunting warrior

We offer high quality products at competitive prices. From a company specializing in fabrics combined with a team of tailors carefully selected to help quality products at the most reasonable price for businesses.

Fast, reliable turnaround to meet the most difficult needs and deadlines

Each company will be managed by 1 Account Managers to provide you with the best customer service

A ONE STOP: We not only provide products but also support your company with comprehensive solutions, support contact by being the main point of contact for employees to reduce time for businesses.

GETTING THE SIZING RIGHT: Offering tailoring services, detailed size charts, we help you make sure you get the right fit for every office item.


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